Njivice, Croatia

Njivice ( German Sniewitz, direct translation Äckerchen ) is a town in eastern Croatia on the island of Krk with 1,170 inhabitants. It belongs to the municipality Omišalj, located about six kilometers north of Njivice on the coast.


Njivice is in the northwest of the island of Krk. Located right on the coast it is bordered to the west by the Mediterranean sea, the inland towards the city adjoins the neighboring forest.

Nearby you will find the remains of the Roman settlement Fulfinium and a basilica dating from the fifth century.

History and current situation

The first mention Njivices is found in a deed of gift of the prince Ivan Francopan from the year 1474th

At that time a small fishing village, is today the community, especially for its tourism. As early as 1930, began with the development of a tourist resort with the construction of the Hotel Luka (now Jadran ). The village itself since the eighties also includes the housing estate Kijac.


Right on the community passes the state road 102 (D102 ), which runs from the north of the island to the south and the larger places like Krk Omišalj, Sveti Vid, Krk ( town ), Punat and Baska connects.

Since Njivice is located in the north of the island, the bridge to the mainland and thus the city of Rijeka is not far. At the City of Rijeka international airport belongs ( RJK), but is still on the island at Omišalj. Directly in Rijeka closest train station. In addition, one has on the mainland following the state highways 8 and 501, by which you can reach a large part of the country.