Njunis is a 1717 moh. high mountain in the municipality Målselv in Fylke Troms in Northern Norway. There is a radar station on its summit. The name of the mountain comes from the Sami languages ​​and means (mountain) nose.

For the mountain next to 1717 m even more divergent heights such as 1713 m or 1721 m are found.

The massif is located between the sand Dalen in the north and in the south Anjavassdalen, two side valleys of Dividalen in the east. The highest peak in the area is characterized also by the highest tree line, which ranges in Anjavassdalen up to 700 m. To the west and east of the summit, there are two glaciers. The mountain lies on the northern border of the Øvre Dividal National Park. In the central and upper regions of the mountain is composed mainly of gabbro and amphibolite, but on the flanks are up to an altitude of 1500 meters and outcrops of limestone to be found.

On the top of Njunis established the NATO 2007 silomontierte retractable radar system including 450 km range. The plant, whose planning began already in the 1980s, encompasses a four story facility inside the mountain and its own power station. It is connected via a 9.5 km long tunnel with Frihetsli in Dividalen. The radar is part of a whole chain of similar facilities along the Norwegian coast, which is mainly used for monitoring the Russian border.