The Njupeskär

The Njupeskär is with 125 meters height, 90 meters in free fall, the highest waterfall in Sweden. It is located in the province of Dalarna County near the Norwegian border on the northeast edge of the Fulufjäll Mountains and is one of the biggest attractions of the National Park Fulufjällens.

In the northeast of the Fulufjälls the water of the stream Njupån rushes out of the lying on the summit plateau lakes Storrörsjön and Lissrörsjön a between 800 m and 900 m ö.h. lying escarpment down into a steep ravine. After a few kilometers the Njupån flows near the village Mörkret into the river Fuluälven.

Near Mörkret is the visitor center of the National Park Fulufjällens, marked from where hiking trails, some of which are designed as trails, leading to and around the Njupeskär. In winter, the Njupeskär is a popular destination for ice climbers.


The 900 million year old sandstone Fulufjällens contains slightly weathered diabase, which is quickly eroded by water. So the Njupeskär was created by headward erosion by the cascading water from Fjällplateau ever abtrug the rock of the mountain. This process is here for many millions of years is ongoing and still continues.