NK Imotski

NK Imotski is a Croatian football club from the town of Imotski.


The NK Imotski was founded on 31 March 1991, which was viertklassig after relegation from the third Croatian league (South) in 2000. Exceptional was the rise of the fourth level of the league system in Croatia in the second division of Croatia: Imotski replaced during the winter break of the season 2001/ 02 the financially troubled neighbor club Imotska Krajina Proložac. Since then, Imotski played continuously in the second division of Croatia.


The stadium Gospin Dolac holds 4000 spectators. It has only one main grandstand, which consists of 3000 seats and 1000 standing room.

The stadium is unique in its location, it is located but in a karst depression. The city lies beneath the stadium, only the old fortress Topana is even higher. Behind the fortress lies in a caldera of the Blue Lake.

The stadium does not meet the licensing requirements of the Croatian Football Federation.