NK Kamen Ingrad

NK Kamen Ingrad is a football club from Velika (Croatia).

The club was privately sponsored by Vladimir Zec. He was chief executive of the stone processing company Kamen - Ingrad in Velika, hence the name of the football club. It was due to that this small town had a club in the top Croatian football league.

The stadium with 10,000 seats was financed and built by Vladimir Zec ' company.

Biggest international success was the scarce eliminated in the first round of the UEFA Cup in 2003/ 04 against FC Schalke 04

2007, the now former club president was indicted for tax evasion in Croatia. So he could no longer perform the function of the President and resigned his office as well. Without funding, the club was now facing ruin. As Table one rose in the same year as from the 1st League and a year later also from the 2nd league.

On 23 July 2008 the club by the Croatian Football Federation, the message of a first team for the season 2008/ 09 was prohibited because the salaries were not paid. Only youth teams were allowed.

Well-known former players

  • Srdjan Lakić
  • Mario Mijatovic