NK Međimurje

NK Međimurje Čakovec is a Croatian football club from the city of Čakovec.


The football club NK Međimurje was founded in June 2003. Basic building blocks for the club, the then second division side NK Omladinac as well as the long tradition of football in Međimurje.

In order to promote not only the club but also the whole province, the club was simply named after the state - Međimurje. Already in the first official year in the second Croatian League ( HNL Sjever 2 ) was achieved by much enthusiasm by the founder of the first place and thus the direct promotion to the first Croatian league ( 1 HNL). This is thanks to the primarily the founding fathers as follows: Uršanić, Hamonajec, Katalenic, Dolović, E. Horvat, Marodi, Blaise, Žerjav, Cvek, Sprajc, Janković, Pusić, J. Prosavec, Kolarić, Palatinus, Đurkin, A. Horvat, A. Prosavec, S. Horvat, Ovčar i Dovečer

Coinciding with the success on the field, the board tried both at the level of the squad as well as the level of Chief stem the then reshape amateur club to a professional club. This also affected the entire infrastructure to the club, especially the stadium, which had to be adapted to the needs of the first division, as well as international needs. The football lovers from all over Međimurje added and supported the vision of a stable first division with enthusiasm.

In the 2007 /08 season, the future plans of the club suffered a setback, but it was clear last in the league and had to make their way in the second league. After the season 2011/12 is increased as Fourteenth off even in the third league.


On the outskirts of Čakovec is a small, modern and functional athletic stadium of NK Međimurje which bears the name of SRC Mladost. The stadium was built in 1987 and is owned by the City Čakovec. The maintenance of the stadium was left to the municipal company Ekom.

The stadium has 3,000 seats, a covered west stand with 1,200 seats and an uncovered east stand with 2,000 seats. The playing field has dimensions of 105m x 68m and is landscaped with natural grass. Under the roof of the West Stand are the VIP - boxes, Related also the press.

The dressing rooms are located in the ground floor of the West Stand, including ambulance, fitness hall, service rooms and a bowling alley with a coffee bar. To play grounds include 3 training courses.