NK Zadar

NK Zadar is a Croatian football club from the city of Zadar. In the 2009/10 season he played in the first HNL.

NK Zadar is a football team that has made it very difficult to assert themselves in the first Croatian league ( 1 HNL). Zadar is located on the Adriatic coast midway between the traditional clubs Hajduk Split and NK Rijeka. Designated fans there is therefore rather few, because the majority of football fans to the Dalmatian cult club Hajduk Split feels belonging. Also has a strong following Dinamo Zagreb, but not nearly as strong as the Hajduk. In third place is the own club, closely followed by NK Rijeka.

Due to the resulting lack of attractiveness for sponsors and the financial condition is more critical, and the club is mostly just anxious to keep the class.


Towards the end of the Second World War, the Fiskulturno društvo Zadar was founded with the departments of football, basketball and track and on 26 April 1945. On February 9, 1949, the football department was spun off as NK Zadar.

In 1992 the club was a founding member of the Zadarkomerc 1 HNL. Since then, the club has always played up to five seasons in the first division of Croatia. Since 2001, the club is officially called NK Zadar.

In the Croatian Cup 1995/96 the collection succeeded to the semifinals.


The stadium is named after Stanovi the district in which it is located and has 2860 seats and 3000 standing. Also, a VIP lounge with 30 seats is available.

In its present form it was completed at the 1979 Mediterranean Games in Split. Because of new license conditions of the Croatian Football Federation was in 2008 equipped with floodlights, further development work is planned. After the conclusion to 5500 seats are available.

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