NK Žepče

The Nogometni club Žepče was a Bosnian - Herzegovinian football club from Žepče. The club played between 2002 and 2008 in the Premijer Liga, the highest Bosnian league.


The club was founded in 1919. Žepče was known as NK Zovko Žepče until 2003, when the club name Limorad (the name of the main sponsor ) was added. Since 2004, the club was simply called NK Žepče.

The Bosnians played since the rise from 2002 to 2008 in the highest Bosnian league. The home ground of the association was the Žepče Gradski Stadium ( in German: City Stadium Žepče ). The stadium took 4,000 visitors. The fans of the club were ( in German: cannibals ) the Canibal's called. After relegation in 2008 the club was two seasons later passed down to the third league.

In 2010, the association filed a playing mode.