Nkhotakota is a city in the central region of Malawi with 19,262 inhabitants ( 1998). It is the capital of the eponymous district which has an area of ​​4259 km ² and 230,000 inhabitants. The city has two hospitals, a branch of the National Bank, an airfield, is connected to the national grid and its harbor is regularly visited by the MS Ilala. Towards Nkhata Bay, a road leads. In Nkhotakota is a great longhouse Mission Church.

On the hillside above the city is the same animal sanctuary.

Next is known Nkhotakota one of the oldest market towns in sub-Saharan Africa and as the last Arab raid station ( raid (Arabic ) = slave-raiding ). Southern Arab slave traders did not come. Its leader was hanged by the British. Next Nkhotakota was known by a wild fig tree under which David Livingstone on 10 September 1863 chief Juma Saidi ben met, the friendly greeted him with 50 followers.

  • Location in Malawi
  • Central Region (Malawi )
  • Place in Africa