Nkomati Accord

The Nkomati Agreement (English: Nkomati Accord, Portuguese: acordo de Nkomati ) was signed on March 16, 1984 Peace Agreement between the Governments of Mozambique and the Republic of South Africa. The name is derived from the South African town of Komatipoort, in which took place the signing of the Agreement.

The signatories of this bilateral agreement were the then President of Mozambique, Samora Machel and Pieter Willem Botha, then President of South Africa during apartheid. The agreement committed itself on the one hand Mozambique, the support of the African in the struggle against South Africa also engage in Mozambique from National Congress ( ANC) set, on the other hand, South Africa is committed to the support of the Mozambican soil against the Marxist FRELIMO Government of Mozambique to end fighting RENAMO.

Despite repeated requests from Samora Machel to the leaders of the nations of the Southern African Development Conference to attend the signing, the neighboring heads of state stayed away from the event away because they saw in the agreement a capitulation to the apartheid regime.

Machel, however, took little effort to suppress guerrilla activities of the ANC fighters of Mozambican territory. Similarly, the South African government continued to support Renamo with arms shipment and otherwise, and so promote the destabilization of neighboring. South Africa said the agreement in 1985 because of " multiple violations " officially null and void. It was not until the 1992 General Peace Agreement of Rome ended twelve years lasting RENAMO in Mozambique terror. For peacekeeping to 1994, the United Nations Operation in Mozambique, short ONUMOZ, furnished.