NLP is an abbreviation for:

  • National Park, a vast reserve, which is generally subject to its natural dynamics and protected by special measures against unwanted human interference and from environmental pollution is
  • Natural language processing, the processing of natural language information using a computer ( computer linguistics)
  • Neuro- Linguistic Programming, is a collection of communication techniques and methods
  • No- longer-polymers - list (not longer polymers), list of substances which no longer meet the criteria to be classified as a polymer
  • Nonlinear Programming, branch of mathematics that deals specifically with non-linear optimization problems (see Nonlinear Optimization )
  • Emergency landing, as the official designation in the Federal Republic of Germany, see highway airstrip


  • National Liberal Party (Lebanon), a party in Lebanon
  • National Liberation Party, a former party in Gambia
  • National Liberal Party, former German Party
  • Lower Saxony State Party, precursor of the former German Party
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