The abbreviation NLS stands for:

Organizations and institutions

  • Naturland Foundation Saar
  • The National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh
  • The National Language Service in South Africa
  • The Lower Saxony State Office for Statistics
  • The National Law School of India University
  • The National Lifeguard Service ( the lifeguards ) in Canada.
  • In England and Wales NLS stands for the National Literacy Strategy, the national guidelines for the teaching of English in state primary schools.


  • In biology for Nuclear Localization Signal, see nuclear localization signal
  • In computer science for National Language Support also for Native Language Support, a system that was developed by Hewlett -Packard for internationalization, which is often mistakenly assumed that the "N" stands for "national"
  • On- Line System, own spelling " oN - Line System ", a computer system in the 1960s by Douglas Engelbart
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