NM is the abbreviation for:

  • Nautical mile
  • Network management, a technique that governs Hoch-/Herunterfahren of ECUs in the vehicle
  • Network Marketing or Network Marketing
  • New Mexico, U.S. State as postal abbreviation
  • Nosologia Militaris
  • Nuclear Medicine

NM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
  • Greece: Thessaloniki, kept free for future approvals
  • UK: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Slovakia: Okres Nové Mesto nad Váhom
  • Slovenia: Novo mesto, German: Rudolfswerth

Nm is the abbreviation for:

  • Newton meters, physical unit
  • " Metric number ", a unit of yarn fineness, see fineness (textiles)
  • Novotny Mähner Associates, a German architecture and urban planning office

NM is an obsolete term for

  • Nanomolar, a unit of amount of substance concentration. Correctly today is the unit nmol / l

Nm stands for:

  • Nanometer = 10-9 meter, an SI unit of length
  • Nothomorph - a former rank in botanical systematics
  • Program for the analysis of software libraries ( libraries ), see under Unix commands # C development system

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