NO is an abbreviation for:

  • Atlantis ( airline ) Ltd., founded in 1968 by former employees of the Südflug and was the first German charter airline, daily flights to the U.S. resumed after the ICAO code
  • News officer ( also N. O. or N.-O. )
  • National campaign, a forbidden in Germany right-wing club
  • Deck Officer, also Nautical ship's officer, a senior sailor in the merchant shipping
  • New secondary school, bilingual school in Braunschweig
  • "Normally open " designation for a work contact of a relay, which is open at zero-current coil
  • East or North East, a half-cardinal direction representing the bisector between the directions North and East
  • Norway, country code according to ISO 3166
  • Nitric oxide, as a symbol for a colorless and poisonous gas
  • Tijuana No!, Mexican band (former name)
  • Metro Station Nordostbahnhof the Nuremberg U -Bahn

NO as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Thessaloniki, kept free for future approvals
  • UK: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Italy: Province of Novara
  • Poland: county-level city of Olsztyn
  • Slovakia: Okres Námestovo

No stands for:

  • Nobelium, chemical element
  • Numero sign ( № )
  • ( ancient Egyptian ) Thebes; see Thebes (Egypt)
  • A kind of traditional Noh plays of Japan
  • No (Denmark), place in Denmark
  • No!, Original title of the Chilean film of the year 2012

No stands for:

  • The abbreviation for the Norwegian language ( ISO 639-1 )
  • The abbreviation for Numero

. no is an abbreviation for:

  • . no, top-level domain from Norway

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