NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation is a computer program for simulation of roller coasters. The program, consisting of an editor and a simulator based on OpenGL, which allows programming of real-time 3D applications. NoLimits was developed since 1999 by Ole Lange, a computer science student from Hamburg, initially single-handedly.

The user is possible to design in the compared to professional CAD software easy to use editor his own line almost all popular roller coaster types, or to download a pre-built route from a selection of real existing coasters and the simulator from different perspectives and immediately try in 3D real time. This one has the option of either the role of the passenger, an outside observer or the ride operator to take on a virtual control panel. As a ride operator one has manual functions for operating the roller coaster, for example, the opening and closing of the shoulder strap and the station doors that Zugfreigabe from the station and the emergency stop, in which the entire system comes to a standstill. Because the program has a high degree of realism, it is used by well-known manufacturers such as Intamin, Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne or Vekoma for visualization of planned roller coasters. These visualizations are used eg for presentation or to create a picture of the new facility.


In the latest version 1.8, the user has a total of 28 models from different manufacturers and in the categories of steel and wood.


There are numerous tools that can be used to change the route or the environment.

  • AHG ( Automatic Heart line generator ) - A tool that - generates a new route - on the basis of the previous track as heart line. It has thus for side rail inclinations, the previous path ( the new center line ) as a fulcrum.
  • Object Creator - A tool for creating 3D objects, which can be used to design a roller coaster later. ( No longer available for purchase )
  • ToolBox - a tool to read out the data of the constructed path
  • TrackPackager - A tool for packing a roller coaster ( in nltrack format. ) And associated files (for example, 3D objects or textures) in a nlpack file.. This will facilitate the online replacement of the roller coasters.
  • NLCK ( NoLimits Construction Kit ) - A tool for changing the route and mounting flanges, so you can make the supports of the roller coaster detailed. ( Also no longer available for purchase, but since March 2010, available for free)
  • Elementary - A tool which can be used for a range of elements using mathematical formulas to design and use later by the use of a simple programming language.
  • Purgatory - can a tool that allows you to rotate existing elements shrink, zoom, flip and invert.