Nomeny is a commune with 1173 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle in the Lorraine region.

  • 4.1 broadcasters


Nomeny is located between Metz and Nancy, approximately 15 km east of Pont-à- Mousson, on the banks of seille.


First mentioned in a document 609, Nomeny long time belonged to the Bishops of Metz, who resided there from time to time. The bishops fortified the city with walls and towers, and lived in a castle.

In 1548 Nomeny became the property of Nicolas de Lorraine, duc de Mercœur. Two influential children this Nicolas were born in Nomeny:

Françoise de Lorraine - Mercœur, daughter of Philippe - Emmanuel, sold in 1612 the Margraviate of Nomeny to her cousin, Duke Henry II of Lorraine. The widow of Henry II, Duchess Margarita Gonzaga, lived 1624-1629 in Nomeny.

1632 Nomeny suffered severely from the plague and the turmoil of the Thirty Years' War. Richelieu was the towers of the city walls to tear down. Forty years later, Louis XIV ordered the dismantling of the fortifications and the castle of Nomeny.

1766 saw the place - like the entire Duchy of Lorraine - French. From 1790 Nomeny belonged to the department of Meurthe, since 1871 the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle.

On August 20, 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, German troops destroyed large parts of Nomeny.



  • Gothic church of Saint -Étienne with remarkable sculptures (including a Grablegungsgruppe with 10 figures) and windows, Monument historique
  • Ruins of the Château de Nomeny, Monument historique



South of Nomeny is a medium-wave transmitter French radio that operates on 837 kHz with 300 kW output power. As a transmitting antenna 2 insulated from earth, 160 meters high steel framework masts are used.


  • Louise de Lorraine - Vaudémont, wife of the French king Henry III. , Born in 1553 in the castle of Nomeny.
  • Philippe -Emmanuel de Lorraine, brother of Queen Louise, born in 1558 in the castle of Nomeny.
  • Marguerite de Lorraine, sister of the foregoing, born in 1564, married to Anne de Joyeuse de Batarnay ( 1581), later with François de Luxembourg, Duke of Piney -Luxembourg ( 1599).
  • Jean -François Tapray, organist and composer, born 1738 in Nomeny, died 1800's.
  • Alexandre- Anne Jardot, military and writer, an officer of the Legion of Honour (1851 ), born in Nomeny on June 15, 1804 died in Paris on 24 January 1890.