(RS )-8 -amino-2 -methyl- 4-phenyl- 1,2,3,4 -tetrahydroisoquinoline

  • 24526-64-5
  • 32795-47-4 ( maleate salt )



Maleate salt


  • 68 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, mouse, i.v.)
  • 300 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, mouse, oral)
  • 66 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, rat, i.v.)
  • 430 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, rat, oral)

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Nomifensine is an antidepressant from the group of antidepressant # dopamine reuptake inhibitor ( DRI, DARI ), which was used to treat depression and attention deficit disorders.


Nomifensine was from Hoechst (now sanofi -aventis ) as Alival with the advertising slogan " Alival performs psychological depth to the active life " brought to market in 1976. It was a very popular antidepressant in the 80s, but was withdrawn from the market due to massive side effects, such immunologically caused overreactions, high fever, liver dysfunction, pulmonary infiltrates, etc. 1986. The manufacturer's behavior led to considerable debate in public.

Mechanism of Action

The particular mechanism of action of nomifensine is probably the inhibition of reuptake of dopamine in the synaptic cleft in the CNS (similar to methylphenidate ). This could be the reason for its particularly good efficacy in inhibited, drive poor depression. Nomifensine has a phenylethylamine partial structure.