Nonza is a commune with 72 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the northeastern Mediterranean island of Corsica and is located on the Cap Corse.

It is known that small village, situated on a 200 meter high rock, particularly by his gray beach. At a length of over a kilometer it extends below the houses and the square built in 1550 and restored Genueserturms, however, comes from the Pisan time and part of the Torregiana was. The small gray stones of the beach got their color from slate and a closed today asbestos mining operations north of the beach. A stone staircase with over 1000 steps leads from Nonza the mostly deserted beach.

Nonzas Church Ste -Julie from the 16th century has a Baroque marble altar of Italian origin ( 1694 ) and a painting of the crucified Julia, the patron saint of Corsica. The altar and the organ are under monument protection.