Norberto Rivera Carrera

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera ( born June 6, 1942 in La Purisima, Mexico) is Archbishop of Mexico City.


Norberto Rivera Carrera studied at the seminary of Durango, the subjects philosophy and Catholic theology. After further studies, he earned his doctorate at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and received in July 1966 by Pope Paul VI. the sacrament of Holy Orders.

Subsequently he worked for eighteen years as a professor of dogmatic theology at the Seminary of Durango, but also lectured in Biblical theology and pastoral theology. In addition, he took the role of the Disciplinary Prefect and worked in parish ministry. He was for many years at the Diözesanpriesterrat of Durango and engaged in social issues.

On November 5, 1985, Pope John Paul II appointed Bishop of Tehuacán. He received episcopal ordination on 21 December of the same year by Antonio López Aviña, Archbishop of Durango. Adolfo Antonio Suárez were co-consecrators Cardinal Rivera, Archbishop of Monterrey, and Rosendo Huesca Pacheco, Archbishop of Puebla de los Ángeles Since 1995 he has been Archbishop of Mexico City.

On February 21, 1998 it took John Paul II as a Cardinal with the priestly title church of San Francesco d' Assisi a Ripa Grande in the College of Cardinals to. Norberto Rivera Carrera participated in the conclave of 2005, in which Benedict XVI. was chosen in part and was ahead in the public sphere itself as papabile. Following the resignation of Benedict XVI. he also took part in the conclave in 2013, was elected to the Pope Francis.

He is Grand Prior of the Order of the Mexican Province Equestrian Order of the Holy grave in Jerusalem. He was spiritual director of the Grand Priory of America Lazarus Order.