Norbit is an American comedy film directed by Brian Robbins from the year 2007.


Norbit grows up as an orphan on Mr. Wong on in an orphanage. He is in childhood as an outsider and is only friends with Kate. She is adopted and has to leave him alone.

Norbit stands as an adult under duress, to marry the thick Rasputia, whose brothers are involved in illegal activities. He not only works for the Rasputias family, but is also psychologically dependent on it.

Norbit and Kate meet again and fall in love, even though Kate, meanwhile, is engaged to Deion Hughes. Rasputia Norbit prohibits any contact with Kate, at the same time it goes into an affair with her aerobics trainer. Her brothers are planning the takeover of the orphanage, which is to be converted into a brothel called " Nipplopolis ". They work together with Deion Hughes, who hopes that his marriage to Kate could help him to take over the property and also to get access to the remaining assets of Kate.

It turns out that Hughes has a criminal past as a con man and has been married four times. Norbit reveals Kate his love and marries her. After their wedding, they take along the orphanage that was once both grew up.


Sam Adams scoffed at the Los Angeles Times February 9, 2007, Eddie Murphy, who plays three roles, thereby preserving two other actors in front of an " eyesore " ( "nasty black mark" ) in the filmography. He only praised the makeup expert Rick Baker, who made ​​possible the transformations of Murphy in different shapes and was nominated for an Oscar.

On February 23, 2008 Eddie Murphy's acting performance in the movie was punished with three golden raspberries. He received the negative award for his three roles in the " Worst Actor ", " Worst Supporting Actor " and " worst supporting actress ".

James Berardinelli called the film on ReelViews as a " misfire " ( " misfire "). He scoffed that the horror film Hannibal Rising - How it all began unintentionally funny WOULD unintentionally during the comedy Norbit troubled. The film pursues the principle that obscenity must be automatically funny. Eddie Murphy erbringe not acting performances.


The movie was filmed in Burbank, California, on the grounds of rotation of the U.S. series Gilmore Girls. He played with a budget of 65 million U.S. dollars to 1 April 2007 in the cinemas of the United States an approximately 94.6 million U.S. dollars.

In the film, Eddie Murphy had two different voice actors. On one hand, as Norbit had hitherto been his usual, Randolf Kronberg, and secondly as Rasputia Dennis Schmidt- Foss. Since Kronberg died in March 2007, the synchronization Eddie Murphy has now been taken over entirely by Dennis Schmidt- Foss. " Norbit " is thus the last film in which Eddie Murphy is to hear the voice of Randolf Kronberg.