Nord Noralpha

  • Messerschmitt AG
  • Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord ( SNCAN )

The Messerschmitt Me 208 is a four-seat single-engine passenger aircraft by Messerschmitt AG, which is designed as a cantilever all-metal low-wing cabin.


Developed the aircraft was in France at the Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord ( SNCAN ) which the Messerschmitt Bf 108 made ​​since the occupation of France by Germany. The airframe and the wings are very similar to those of the Bf 108, one can speak of a total of a modernized and highly modified Bf 108.

SNCAN built in 1943/ 44 for the two prototypes of the German Messerschmitt Me 208 The specimen with Argus As 10, which still existed at the time of the liberation of France in SNCAN, was named 1100 North Noralpha. The second - equipped with a Renault 6Q 10 machine - has evolved to the north in 1101. The version with the Renault 6Q -11 engine was designated the North 1102. Both engines differed from each other by their direction of rotation. In the French armed forces, the aircraft types were accordingly called ramier I and II ramier.

From 1946 produced a total of 200 machines north of these two patterns. They were in the Air Force and the Armée l' Aeronavale to 1963 in use.


Many of the machines have been preserved and are now mostly in museums in Germany, the exhibits are in the Museum of Technology in Berlin and at the Museum of Aviation and Technology Wernigerode. Worldwide, there are still about a dozen of these aircraft in an airworthy condition, which will be flown as collector's items. The only ready for flight Me 208 in Germany has the serial number 113 and is at the airport Lübeck - Blankensee hangared.


The main differences to the Bf 108 are:

  • Nose wheel instead of spur wheel chassis ( improving visibility during takeoff and landing, better rolling on the ground)
  • Chipped main gear to the wing spars and into the cell retracts ( wider track )
  • Cabin doors and glazing


  • Engine: Argus As 10 C
  • Wingspan: 11.5 m
  • Length: 8.85 m
  • Height: 3.35 m
  • Wing area: 17.4 m²
  • Empty weight: 945 kg
  • Max. Takeoff weight: 1580 kg
  • Maximum speed: 305 km / h
  • Service ceiling: 5900 m
  • Range: 1200 km
  • North Noralpha 1101 with Renault 6Q10, 240 hp