Nordisk familjebok

The Nordisk familjebok ( encyclopedia och Realencyklopedi in Swedish ) is an encyclopedia in its first edition. Since the second edition, it has accepted the scope of a universal encyclopedia. It is next to the Danish language Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon the most comprehensive reference work in the Scandinavian speaking countries.

Already in 1874 the publisher, printer and newspaper editor Christian Emanuel Gernandt in Stockholm had hired an editor to publish an encyclopedia in six volumes. The first edition, the first volume appeared in 1876, but was only finished with 18 volumes in 1896 and two supplementary volumes in 1899. The largest Swedish encyclopedia of all time with 38 volumes of the second edition, which was published from 1904 to 1926. In 1958, the final volume of the fourth edition appeared. The editorial archive of the first and second edition is to be found in the manuscript collection of the Royal Library in Stockholm. The first and second edition are in the public domain and usable online.