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Nordreisa ( Sami Raisa ) is a municipality in northern Norway in the province (county ) Troms.

It includes the mountain valley Reisadalen and is dominated by pine forests. The largest town and administrative center of the municipality is Storslett at the mouth of the River Reisa River in a fjord. When the neighboring settlement Sørkjosen the airport of the municipality lies.

The majority of the population are the Kven, descendants of Finnish immigrants of the 18th century. Most Kvens speak today as a mother tongue Norwegian, a few old citizens still speak Kvenisch, a language closely related to Finnish. Ethnic Norwegians and seeds are in the minority.

Nordreisa was almost completely destroyed during the retreat of the Wehrmacht in 1945, meaning that the sites were set up in austere modern architecture. Old wooden houses have survived the war in place Havnnes. Interesting is also the 269 m high waterfall Mollisfossen.