Nordsee-Ost offshore wind farm



North East is a property under construction offshore wind farm in the RWE Innogy in the German Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ) of the North Sea. The 48 wind turbines will produce around 1,000 GWh of electrical energy. The start-up was planned for 2013; In February 2012, RWE announced with a forecast to be nearly one-year delay; this was caused by the current network Bertreiber TenneT TSO.

In the spring of 2013, RWE estimated the residue with about two years.


The wind farm Nordsee Ost approximately 30 kilometers northwest of the island of Helgoland and 35 kilometers west of the island Amrum be established and covers an area of 35 square kilometers in water depths averaging 25 meters.

Directly south is adjacent to the construction site of the offshore wind farm " Sea Wind South / East ", which is a common security zone in the 500 -meter distance to the planned construction.


After application of 16 July 2000, the construction and operation of wind farms with an initial 80 wind turbines, each with 4-5 MW on 9 June 2004 by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency ( BSH) has been approved. In the meantime, this original plan has changed - there are instead 48 Senvion built 6M each with 6.15 MW.

Initially the project from the WINKRA offshore North Sea was developed planning and operational mbH. After the WINKRA was taken over by the Dutch Essent was introduced in 2009 the inclusion of Essent in the RWE Innogy, which is now officially known as the builder is planning the wind farm. To this end, the subsidiary Essent Wind North -East planning and operational mbH has emerged.

Siemens AG has given the contract to build the offshore transformer platform at the shipyard Nobis Krug who built the 14 -meter-high building shell at Kiel. Siemens itself will equip the steel shell with transformers and other electrical equipment. The then completed, about 2,500 ton platform should be passed by the then Planning in May 2012 at the Essent Wind for shipping in the North Sea. The steel frame foundation for the platform is in Wilhelmshaven since January 2013 on Hannoverkai.

Course of Construction

After the establishment of a 500 -meter safety zone to hedge the wind farm construction site July 1, 2012 could be started with the construction works on site. The construction of the jacket foundations and the subsequent placement of wind turbines (WT ), the new construction vessel Offshore Logistics Company has - OLC " Victoria Mathias " began in the summer of 2012. The steel lattice structures for the foundation were completely manufactured in Norway, shipped on barges and stored in serving as a base port Container Terminal Bremerhaven. By mid- February 2013 seven foundations were erected on the construction site, the rest should follow by the end of 2013.

Beginning of August 2013 was started with the park 's internal wiring of the 48 wind turbines with the substation platform. The timing of the installation of the turbines with the rotors also depends on the date of completion of the current network connection ( HVDC " HelWin 1" on the end of August 2013 converter built - platform " HelWin alpha" ) by TenneT from.

In autumn 2011, a meteorological mast has been installed, may be charged with the data on wind, waves, air pressure and other data.