Standard (from the Latin norma original, square ', but then also, guideline ', ' scale ', ' rule ', ' rule ') stands for:

  • An acknowledged rule of technology, see Standardization
  • A set of values ​​within a society, social norms
  • A recognized system of rules of language: standard ( language )
  • Ethical values ​​and standards, see standard ethics
  • A legal rule, rule of law
  • To be made in a planned economy work, the work norm
  • Those measuring range in laboratory medicine, around 95 % of healthy examinees come to lie in, see reference value (medicine)
  • To a sporting event to be detected for admission performance, see qualification ( Sports )
  • Mathematics: Vector norm: a generalization of the concepts of absolute value of a number or length of a vector, see Norm ( mathematics)
  • Body standard: in algebra a canonical mapping from a multiplicative extension field in the associated body, see standard (body extension)
  • Norm of an ideal: in number theory, the cardinality of the quotient is the ring modulo ideal, see Ideal ( ring theory )

NORM stands for:

  • Occurring naturally radioactive material, " naturally occurring radioactive material " (see natural radioactivity): technical term in radiation protection for natural radioactive substances, eg in mining legacies or in oil extraction. They originate mainly the radioactive decay series.

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