Norman Christ

Norman Christian ( born December 22, 1943 in Pittsburgh) is an American physicist.

Christian studied at Columbia University, where in 1965 he took his bachelor's degree in 1966 and his doctorate. From 1966 he was at Princeton University, where he rose to associate professor. From 1974 he was a professor at Columbia University ( Ephraim Gildor Professor of Physics ). 1994 to 1999 he was chairman of the physics faculty. At the same time he is at the Brookhaven National Laboratory ( BNL ).

He deals with quantum chromodynamics ( QCD) and lattice QCD calculations for. He is one of the founders of the QCD Teraflop Supercomputer project and the project QCDSP for QCD on supercomputers at Columbia University and BNL ( started in 1993 with two 400 or 600 Gflop machine in 1998, they arrived together 1998 1 teraflop ). For the latter he received the 1998 Gordon Bell price with Robert Mawhinney, Alan Gara and Pavlos Vranas. He is also involved in the follow-up project QCDDOC ( QCD on a chip ), in the 2005, three parallel computers ( two computers in Brookhaven, one at the University of Edinburgh) with 10 teraflops peak performance and lasting power in about half went into operation.

He was a member of the JASON Defense Advisory Group.