Norman Island

The Island Norman Iceland is part of the British Virgin Islands and now of particular interest to sailors. Named after a pirate island is uninhabited and privately owned. With a length of 4.3 kilometers, its surface area is 2.47 square kilometers. In Norman Hill, the island reaches a height of 130 meters.

The main bay is " The Bight " on the northwest side of the island. You are well protected in strong winds and can be a good start under sail. There are from paid mooring buoys, but you can also drop anchor. Afternoon runs a small supply ship, the " Deliverance", the yachts lying there on, sells pastries, drinks and other snacks and takes a fee, with garbage ( VHF channel 16).

We see that there is also a beach club called Pirates Bight.

In " The Bight " is the bar and restaurant ship " Willy T", a popular destination for sailors., Where partially excessive parties are celebrated. The ship has a dinghy dock with 7-10 berths. It is named after William Thornton, the designer of the American Capitol.