Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd ( born November 8, 1914 in Jersey City, New Jersey ) is an American film director, producer and actor.

Film career

After completing his doctorate at New York University Norman Lloyd worked for the Legal leash Eva 's Company; after which he joined the Orson Welles Mercury Theatre. He also starred in the Broadway musical Johnny Appleseed with.

The year 1941 was the beginning of a long friendship and professional Lloyds collaboration with director Alfred Hitchcock in Hollywood. His first film was Saboteurs (1942 ), in which he played the Nazi spy Fry. After a few more, unsatisfactory film roles, Lloyd received in 1948 his first job as an assistant director Lewis Milestone at Milestone's Arch of Triumph.

As a victim of the black list of Hollywood actors Lloyd was employed by Hitchcock as an actor, director and executive producer on the TV series. In collaboration with the producer Joan Harrison, Hitchcock's right hand, co-produced Lloyd 1968 Broadway TV Anthology: " The Nth Degree ".

Lloyd began in the 1970s and 1980s continued his work as a director of TV episodes and was the producer of the first season of Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected. He also played the role of the physician Dr. Daniel Auschlander in the television series St. Elsewhere.

On June 29, 1936, Lloyd married two years older Broadway Actress Peggy Craven, with whom he had two children. She died at the age of 98 years, on August 30, 2011., The 75 years lasting marriage was one of the longest running in all of Hollywood.

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