The Northern Islands ( Faroese: Norðuroyggjar or Norðoyar, Danish: Norderøerne ) denote a six islands region of the Faroe Islands. The northern islands are a so-called SYSSEL (police district ), of which there are six in the Faroe Islands.


  • Region Klaksvík: 5,293
  • Region " rest of Northern Islands ": 718
  • Total: 6,011

The northern islands are the six islands Borðoy, Fugloy, Kalsoy, Kunoy, Svinoy and Viðoy. Together they form an area of ​​241 square kilometers. By area, thus they are the third largest region in the Faroe behind Streymoy and Eysturoy, followed by Vágar, Suðuroy and Sandoy.

Center of the North Island is the city Klaksvík, which forms a separate region in addition to the capital Tórshavn as the second metropolis of the island of the Faroe Islands.

The northern islands are in total, most of the highest mountains and cliffs of the archipelago. The locations of the islands Borðoy, Kunoy and Viðoy are interconnected by a system of dams and tunnels, while after Kalsoy, Fugloy and Svinoy ferries ( see map).

2006 North Island Tunnel ( Norðoyatunnilin ) was opened, with 6.2 kilometers of the longest tunnel in the Faroe Islands. He connects with Klaksvík Leirvík on Eysturoy and thus the entire region of the North Island to the west of the Faroe Islands.