Norra Kvill National Park

Norra Kvill is a Swedish National Park on the territory of the municipality Vimmerby, which consists of a primeval coniferous forest in the highlands of Småland.

For more than 150 years no more a tree was cut, some pine trees are 350 years old, 35 meters high and have a circumference of 2.50 meters. The wilderness -like character created by fallen trees and gigantic stone blocks. On the forest floor, there is a rich flora. A partially relatively steep marked path opens up to approximately 4 km in length the forest for visitors. From the mountain Idhöjden, 230 m above sea level. Sea level, the highest point of the park, has one. Sweeping views across the area The national park is the thickest oak in Europe, the Rumskullaeken (also called Kvilleken ).

The park was established in 1927; In 1994, the area of ​​27 114 ha has been extended.

Rumskullaeken 2010

Views of the National Park

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