Norstedt (Danish: Nordsted, Frisian: Noorst ) is a municipality in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein between Viöl and Bredstedt.

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Norstedt is situated in the moraine landscape of the Hohe Geest about 16 km northeast of the county town of Husum. This is a subspace of Schleswig 's Geest in the Official Viöl. The western boundary of the parish is located in the Drelsdorfer forest. The eastern boundary of the municipality is in large parts of the Eckstockau.

In addition to the main town of the district Spinkebüll belongs to the municipality.


The town was first mentioned in 1457 as Nordstede. The settlement in the area of the municipality lies much sooner. Testimony about giving, among other things Söbenbargen ( Seven Mountains). This is grave mounds from the Neolithic period which are still visible, but these are only a part of several grave mounds.

Reported are also numerous border disputes with the former to the cathedral chapter Schleswig associated neighboring Spinkebüll in the 17th century. In 1934, the incorporation of the former neighboring village.


Municipal council

In the local elections on May 26, 2013 accounted for all nine seats on the voter community AWN. Since 2013 there is a youth council.


For the election period 2013-2018 Harry Thomsen ( AWN ) was elected mayor. He succeeded Hans- Henning Thomsen ( AWN ), which the Office had held 15 years.

Culture and sights

In addition to a theater group, various associations and local institutions in the cultural sector involved. These include the volunteer fire department, the local culture ring, a ring Riding Club and the local chapter of the Social Association of Germany.

Economy and infrastructure

The municipal area is predominantly agricultural.

To the Norstedter Kroog, the socially, social center of the village, various commercial enterprises group. In the northern area of the municipality is the Bürgerwindpark Norstedt, consisting of seven wind turbines. Since the fall of 2010 is a civil solar farm in operation. The associated ground-mounted system is located west of the town center on the edge of the forest Drelsdorfer.


Norstedt is off the main connecting routes of the circle. About Viöl the federal highway 200 from Husum to Flensburg is achievable.

The nearest train stations are located in Husum and Bredstedt.

Public transport Autokraft serves the city from a bus line from Viöl. However, this is most of the way to school transport and only runs at appropriate times and not in the school holidays.

The shuttle to and from the A. P. Møller- Skolen, a high school and comprehensive school of the Danish minority in Schleswig, keeps on the way from Long Horn to Schleswig as in Norstedt.


In the village are directly no formal education facilities available. As a rule, the children go to school Viöl. Today, this is a community school with an integrated primary school part. The closest high school is located in Husum.