North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art is an art museum founded in 1947 in Raleigh.


The Nuseum was opened on April 6, 1956.

The U.S. state of North Carolina originally represented one million U.S. dollars ready, of which 139 European and American paintings and sculptures have been acquired. The museum was the first in the United States, whose collection has been funded with public money.

1960 bequeathed the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the Museum 75 more works of art. Since 1961, a native of Germany art historian Justus headed the beer museum.

Today, the collection includes over 5,000 works of art of the past 5000 years: the art of the Egyptians to contemporary works. On April 5, 1983, the museum moved to its present location at the Blue Ridge Road.


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