North Province, New Caledonia

The North Province (French Province Nord) is one of three provinces of New Caledonia. It comprises the island of Grande Terre and north shore islands (including Belep Islands). The seat of government is Koné.

The province consists of the municipalities: Pouembout (15 ), Koné (16 ), Voh (17 ), Kaala - Gomen (18) Koumac (19) Poum (20) Belep (21) Ouégoa (22) Pouébo (23) Hienghène (24) Touho (25) Poindimié (26) Ponérihouen (27) Houailou (28) Kouaoua (29) and Canala (30). Poya (14 ) is both part of the Northern Province and the Southern Province. 1995 was spun off from Canala the community Kouaoua.

There are 22 MPs elected by the people, of which 15 sent to Congress.

The result is the province by the Matignon agreements.