North Riding of Yorkshire

The North Riding of Yorkshire is one of the three former administrative regions of the traditional county of Yorkshire in England.

The county of Yorkshire was divided into three areas, so-called Ridings (from the Old Norse þriðing, "third part ", a legacy of the Scandinavian settlers of the 9th century ) divided: In addition to the North Riding East Riding of Yorkshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire were. After 1888, traditional counties were replaced by the administrative counties, the three Ridings became independent administrative counties. In 1974, the county of North Riding of Yorkshire was dissolved. The largest part of the territory became the new county of North Yorkshire ( including large parts of the northern West Ridings, the city of York itself and the northern and eastern edges of the East Riding are ). The district was assigned to South Teesdale area of ​​County Durham, while Middlesbrough and Redcar to newly formed county of Cleveland came, which was, however, dissolved again in 1996.

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