Northampton Castle

Northampton Castle was one of the most famous Norman castles in England. It was probably of Simon I de Senlis, the first Earl of Northampton built from the year 1084. The construction lasted several years. In the Domesday Book of 1086 finds no mention. The castle was located outside the western city gate and was protected on three sides by deep trenches. A tributary of the Nene provided a natural barrier on the western side. The castle had a large dungeon and a large apron. The gates were protected with Erdverstärkungen. The castle was built over in the 19th century: the West Coast Main Line was built in the 19th century the castle initially under the name of Northampton Castle Station.


Breakfast time

In the reign of Henry II, the castle was in the hands of the crown. In the civil wars between King John and his barons, the latter they used as defense.

1164 Thomas Becket was charged at the castle before the Great Council. Disguised as a monk fled Becket to France.

In 1264, the castle was owned by the federal barons, ruled by Simon de Montfort. When the king had defeated the garrison, the castle came into the possession of the crown. Three years later, . During the reign of King Edward III, Thomas Wake of Blisworth Sheriff claimed as the castle for his County.

1662 were razed to the king's command parts of the castle and the walls and gates of the city. Until 1675 the remaining parts of the fortress served as the county jail.

Victorian Era

Until 1879 nor the southern and western sides of the castle as well as part of a bastion stood on the south side, the former prison.

The main line of the railway from London Euston, the West Coast Main Line ended about 10 km south of the city. In 1879, a loop of the line was built to Northampton on the ruins of the castle. The only surviving parts of the building were some earthworks next to St. Andrews Road and the converted Tor, a minor Archway, on the main road opposite the bus stop.

The station was rebuilt in 1963-64, and the suffix ' Castle' away.

21st Century

A community of volunteers called Friends of Northampton Castle ( Fonc ) was established to obtain the lock and to keep information on the history of the town and the castle. In July 2012, Fonc commissioned a 3D reconstruction of the castle which was released on Youtube.