Northern Norway

As Nord-Norge (English: Northern Norway ') is the national language of the country's northernmost part of Norway called, of 112,945 km ² with about one-third comprises ( exactly 34.883 %) of the country.

Nord-Norge consists of the three provinces ( fylke ) North Country (44 municipalities), Troms (24) and Finnmark ( 19) with a total of 87 municipalities. In the region lived in early July 2013, a total 475,000 people, slightly less than one-tenth ( 9.38 %) of the total population of the country.

In Nord-Norge are Svartisen Glacier and the archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen. The largest cities are ( from south to north ): Mo i Rana, Bodø, Narvik, Harstad, Tromsø, Alta and Hammerfest. With the Nordkinn Peninsula, the northern end of mainland Europe is found in Nord-Norge. The region is also by its midnight sun and the northern lights known.

People from Nord-Norge

  • Knut Hamsun - Nobel Prize winner for literature, grew up in Hamarøy
  • Röyksopp - electronic band from Tromsø
  • Lene Marlin - singer and songwriter, from Tromso
  • Mari Boine - Saami musician from Karasjok
  • Kari Bremnes - singer and songwriter, from Svolvær
  • Geir LUNDESTAD - Director of the Nobel Institute and Professor of History at the University of Oslo, from Bodø

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