Northern Province, Zambia

The northern province (English Northern Province ) of the Republic of Zambia is one of the nine provinces of the country. It has 1,258,696 inhabitants ( census 2000) and comprises 147,826 km ².

The Northern Province is divided into 12 districts with Kasama as a provincial capital and is regarded as Zambia's Wild North. While it lead the TAZARA and Tanzam Highway through here, but both provide for the terms of cargo handling in the port of Dar -es- Salaam little economic impetus and alone are too little to open up the province, the rest of way network is miserable. Numerous development projects try here to give people an economic basis, whereby in addition to coffee tourism is the most promising sector seems to be. Geographical features of the province are of Lake Tanganyika, the Bangweulusee and the Mweru - Wantipa Lake, and a number of waterfalls of Kalungwishi: the Lumangwe cases that Chishimba Falls and the Kalambo cases. Next there is the Nordluangwa National Park and Luambe National Park in the valley of the Luangwa River in the east of the province.


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