Northern Sotho language

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Northern Sotho (also: Sepedi, Pedi or Transvaal Sotho ) is a particularly in the former Transvaal ( South Africa, nine percent of the South African population ) and the south of Botswana widespread Bantu language and, together with the Sesotho ( Southern Sotho ) and the Tswana to subgroup of the Sotho languages. It is primarily the mother language of the Pedi.

The Northern Sotho is with the Southern Sotho almost identical and closely related to Setswana. " The Latin -based Verschriftung early 20th century led to different scriptural traditions of the Northern Sotho ( Limpopo and Mpumalanga) on the one hand and the Southern Sotho (mainly Orange Free State and Lesotho) on the other. "

Lutheran missionaries from Berlin played an important role in the way of writing the language.