Northern wolffish

Blue catfish ( Anarhichas denticulatus )

The Blue catfish ( Anarhichas denticulatus ) is a marine fish of the family of the Sea Wolves. He is 1.40 to 1.80 meters in length and comes in the North Atlantic along the coast of Norway in the Barents Sea in the Faroe Islands, off Iceland, on the coast of southern Greenland and in the western Atlantic from Labrador to the coast of Newfoundland ago.


The fish have an elongated body and are colored blue-black. On the side, show some pale spots.

Way of life

The Blue catfish lives on soft bottoms at depths 60-900 m. It feeds mainly on invertebrates, such as jellyfish, clams, sea urchins and crabs, but also of fish. He prefers less hard-shelled food than his relatives.


Since the meat of the blue catfish is watery, it is of little economic importance; in Russia, the Blue catfish caught in the Barents Sea with longlines.