Northrop N-3PB

The Northrop N- 3PB was a single-engine seaplane patrol bombers than in the Air Force Department of the Royal Norwegian Navy ( Marinens Flyvevesen ) served in World War II.

History and construction

In early 1940 ordered the Norwegian government 24 machines of this type, which were not used in any other Air Force. After the occupation of Norway in April 1940 by the Germans, the machines could not be delivered to Norway.

The first flight of the N - 3PB was made on 1 November 1940 and from 1941 began shipping to Reykjavík in Iceland, where the Norwegians continued to fight with the Royal Norwegian Naval Air Service ( RNNAS ). The N- 3PB served mainly to combat submarines and aircraft as escorts for convoys. However, they were never involved in direct combat with German machines.

Some machines were lost in the Arctic due to the weather. In the 1970s it was discovered an N- 3PB Wreck in Iceland. This was restored at the Northrop Corporation in California. Currently supporting the aircraft in a hangar in Gardermoen, Norway.

Military user

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