Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The 51st Melodi Grand Prix was used to find the Norwegian contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. As the winner Tooji emerged. Referred station was like every year, the Norsk Rikskringkasting NRK1 in January and February 2012. Moderators in the Norwegian qualifying round were by Sundnes and Marte Stokstad. The winner of the preliminary decision, the Norwegian- Iranian singer Tooji represented Norway at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 with the song Stay in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Implementation and system

All songs were released on 16 January 2012 for the qualifying round. The first semi-final took place on 21 January at Hangar E in the military airfield Ørland ( Ørland hovudflystasjonin ) in Ørland instead, the second semi-final on January 28th in the Arena Larvik Larvik, the third semi-final on February 4 in Floro Sports Center ( Floro Idrettssenter ) in Floro and the finals took place on 11 February at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo. New this year was that this time eight songs per semifinals participated in previous years, there were always six or seven titles. In addition, the " Second Chance round " for the first time omitted. Three contributions from each semi-final qualified for the final. In addition, the jury awarded an additional contribution, so that there were a total of ten posts in the final.