Norwegian parliamentary election, 1906

  • DnA: 10
  • Ad: 4
  • V: 72
  • S: 37

The parliamentary election in Norway 1906 was held on October 24, 1906. It was the election to the Storting 33.

This election was the first election under the new electoral law: The selected electors were abolished and the elected directly by the voters of the respective constituency. The number of members was increased from 117 to 123.

Election result

Election loser was the Coalition Party (Norwegian Samlingspartiet ), which lost 22 seats. All other previously represented in the Storting parties were able to gain seats. The Venstre was able to win even 24 seats and the Coalition Party triggered so that the strongest parliamentary group and owner of the absolute majority from.

The Storting was made up of the same four groups as in the previous legislature.