Norwegian parliamentary election, 1912

  • DnA: 23
  • V: 76
  • FV: 4
  • H: 20

The parliamentary election was held in Norway in 1912 and 11 November 1912 by October 20. It was the election for the 35th Storting.

Election result

Election loser was the conservative - liberal right-wing coalition of Høyre and Frisinnede Venstre, the 8.4% and approximately 2/ 3 of seats (40 ) lost. The Arbeiderdemokratene lost its two seats and had to move out of the Parliament. The best result was achieved with the Venstre an increase of 9.5 % votes and an absolute majority of seats. Second election winner was the working party that was able to double their number of seats.

The Storting was composed of three fractions.