Norwegian parliamentary election, 1921

  • NSA: 8
  • DnA: 29
  • DRF: 2
  • L: 17
  • V: 37
  • FV: 15
  • H: 42

The parliamentary election in Norway 1921 was held on 24 October 1921. It was the election for the 38th Storting.

Election result

The largest choice winners were the Social Democrats ( Norges Socialdemokratiske Arbeiderparti ), combined to win eight seats right away, and the Landmandsforbund ( Agrarian League ), who could improve its earnings by 14 seats.

The Workers' Party, which was joined in 1919 as the only West European mass party of the Communist International was able to increase their seats only because at 11, because Parliament had been increased by 24 seats. Their voices losses coincided approximately with the profits of the Social Democratic Party, which had split in April 1921 in protest against the membership of the Labour Party in the Comintern.

The conservative coalition of Høyre and Frisinnede Venstre constituted the largest fraction and was able to win eight seats. Election loser was the liberal Venstre, which lost 15 seats.

The number of represented parties in the Storting increased with the advent of the Social Democrats from five to six.