Norwegian parliamentary election, 1924

  • NKP: 6
  • NSA: 8
  • DnA: 24
  • DRF: 2
  • B: 22
  • V: 34
  • FV: 11
  • H: 43

The parliamentary election in Norway 1924 was held on 21 October 1924. It was the election for the 39th Storting.

Election result

Election winner was founded in 1923 Communist Party ( NKP ), which first moved in with 6.1% and six deputies in the Storting. By Neueinzug the NCP, the number of parties represented in the Storting increased from six to seven.

The largest fraction was again able to make the conservative coalition of Høyre and Frisinnede Venstre, despite a slight decline. Accept also the second and third largest groups, the liberal Venstre and the Social Democratic Workers' Party ( Ap), had losses. The loss of social Demokratene ( moderate cleavage of Ap) and Radical People's Party proposed are not reflected in the mandate losses.