Norwegian parliamentary election, 1945

  • NKP: 11
  • DnA: 76
  • B: 10
  • KrF: 8
  • V: 20
  • H: 25

The parliamentary election in Norway 1945 was the first election after the German occupation and therefore only took place on 8 October 1945. It was the election for the 44th Storting.

The Socialist Workers Party, which had asked the government to the occupation in 1940, won an absolute majority. She could so to gain six seats compared to the election nine years ago. In addition to the Workers' Party, the Communist Party of Norway was the biggest election winner. After 1936 was not drawn into the Storting she achieved in 1945 11.9 % of the vote and 11 seats.

Had to give Eleven seats, however, the conservative Høyre, the Peasant Party lost an eight seats.

Parliament whose term of office was extended to four years in 1936, now consisted of six parties, the NCP replaced while the Samfunnspartiet.

Election result