Norwegian parliamentary election, 1965

  • SF: 2
  • DnA: 68
  • Sp: 18
  • KrF: 13
  • V: 18
  • H: 31

The parliamentary election in Norway 1965 was held on 13 September 1965. It was the election for the 49th Storting.

The conservative Høyre, the Centre Party and especially the Venstre were able to gain votes and seats. However, the votes for the Socialist People's Party did not pay up for the party in seats. General election loser was the Social Democratic Workers' Party, which lost six seats compared to 1961. This was a consequence of the Kings Bay Affair, which led in the previous Parliament, a temporary resignation of Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen. Second election loser was the Christian People's Party. She lost two seats.

The parliament consisted of the same six parties as in the legislature before. The election of 1965 marked an important Meileinstein in Norwegian history since the bourgeois parties were able to gain a parliamentary majority for the first time since the Second World War.

Election result