Norwegian parliamentary election, 1997

  • SV: 9
  • DnA: 65
  • Sp: 11
  • KrF: 25
  • V: 6
  • H: 23
  • Otherwise: 1.
  • FrP: 25

The parliamentary election in Norway 1997 took place on 15 September 1997. It was the election of the 57th Storting.

The biggest winner of the election were Fremskrittspartiet and Kristelig Folkeparti, both were able to double their number of seats approximately. In contrast Senterpartiet could not keep her top score, and fell back to the level of 1989.

Parliament sat again composed of eight parties. Steinar Bastesen could new feed for the list Tverrpolitisk Folkevalgte in the Storting. On the other hand, missed Rød Valgallianse a mandate in Oslo by a few hundred votes.

As announced in the election campaign, the government Jagland resigned after unrealized losses for the Labour Party. It was followed by the bourgeois minority government Bondevik I.

Election result