Nossrat Peseschkian

Nossrat Peseschkian ( born June 18, 1933, Kashan, Iran, † April 27, 2010 in Wiesbaden, Germany ) was a German neurologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist of Iranian origin. He was the founder of " Positive Psychotherapy ", which he developed since the early 1970s.


Born in Iran and raised Peseschkian came in 1954 to study in Germany and studied medicine in Freiburg, Mainz and Frankfurt am Main. State examination in 1960 in Frankfurt am Main. After his residency training (neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine ), promotion (1968) and the psychotherapeutic training in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States in 1968, he opened a practice and first day hospital in Wiesbaden. At the same time he developed extensive scientific and seminar activities in the field of depth psychology, which eventually to the development of differentiation analysis, which was later called " Positive Psychotherapy " led. It belongs to the humanistic psychodynamic psychotherapies and also includes systemic, talk therapy and behavioral elements.

In 1979 he founded the Wiesbaden training circuit for psychotherapy and family therapy (of the State Medical Association Hessen fully authorized ), later the Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy ( WIAP, since 2000 officially recognized as a training center for Psychological psychotherapy and child and adolescent psychotherapy ), 1977, the German Society for Positive Psychotherapy Association, and in 1996 the "International center for Positive Psychotherapy eV " (since 2008 World Association for Positive Psychotherapy eV). The Wiesbaden Academy is one of the leading deep psychological training and further education institutions in Germany. By the end of 2006, about 38,000 doctors, psychologists and educators were continued and further developed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Peseschkian and his colleagues held seminars in over 60 states, and he has published over 26 books. One of its key activities was the use of stories and wisdom in psychotherapy. Peseschkian was since 1976 lecturer at the Academy of medical education and training of the State Medical Association Hesse and since 1998 honorary professor of the National Euro Psycho Logical Research Institute spondylitis in Saint Petersburg. Other areas of its work was the development of a transcultural psychotherapy and family therapy. Today there are about 20 centers for Positive Psychotherapy in about 15 countries.

Peseschkian was the founder and director of the International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy - Prof. Peseschkian Foundation ( since 2005 ).

Peseschkian was married and has two children and four grandchildren. His wife Manije is a family therapist and his two sons are working as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Wiesbaden. Dr. hab. Hamid Peseschkian directs the Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy ( WIAP ) and Dr. Nawid Peseschkian runs a social psychiatric- psychotherapy practice for children and adolescents. Peseschkian was a follower of the Baha'i faith, which he also wrote several works.


  • Richard -Merten Prize, 1997, for his work on " Computer-aided quality assurance in Psychotherapy ".
  • Ernst von Bergmann Plaque, 1998, by the Bureau of the German Medical Association.
  • Federal Cross of Merit, 2006 from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for his research, scientific work as well as intercultural and cross-cultural activities.
  • International Avicenna Prize 2006 by the Association of Iranian doctors and dentists in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Price Encyclopaedia Iranica in Geneva, 2006, the Center for Iranian Studies, Columbia University, New York.

Writings (selection )

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  • What's on your mind? Understanding the emotional significance of cardiac and circulatory symptoms. Trias Verlag, Stuttgart, 2005.
  • With Nawid Peseschkian and Hamid Peseschkian: Joy of life instead of stress. Impulses, exercises, oriental wisdom. Trias Verlag, Stuttgart 2009 (2nd edition).

Overall Nossrat Peseschkian has 27 - several times with co-authors - published monographs and about 240 articles in professional journals.