Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissenschaft

The Emergency Association of German Science ( NDW ) is the predecessor of the German Research Foundation.


The Emergency Association of German Science was founded on 30 October 1920 at the suggestion of the five German academies of sciences, and especially the participation of Fritz Haber and the Prussian Minister of Culture Friedrich Schmidt- Ott, who became its first president. During the initial time it was because of the increase in the cost of academic activity and inflation to the " Remedy [ ..] extreme emergency of science". Other well-known for the Notgemeinschaft engaging scientists from the Prussian Academy of Sciences were Adolf von Harnack, Max Planck and Hermann Diels. The Emergency Association was intended as a total representation of German Science, "to direct the funds to be provided in those channels and according to the places where they could obtain the greatest efficiency in the interest of all ."

Opposite this forming self-governing organization of science, which included not represented in the academies technical sciences and unlike this was not primarily organized on a regional, came the academies as organizers of research on the defensive. The emergency community evolved from a temporary to a permanent institution. In 1929 the name was German association for the preservation and promotion of research, short research community changed. She was always politically linientreu to governance. In 1934, she was brought into line with the National Socialist government. After the Second World War, the Emergency Association of German Science was founded in 1949.


The Emergency Association was led by a four-to five-member Executive Committee. The next most important body was the main committee with eleven members. Technical committees were groups of specialized experts of a larger subject area. Members of the relevant committees, for example, of the Technical Committee Ancient and Oriental philology, have been appointed by the Bureau in coordination with the Main Committee. 101

Organizations with a similar name

It is not to be confused with the Emergency Association of German Science, Art and Literature Abroad, headquartered in Paris, a foundation of Magnus Hirschfeld, Mynona and Anselm Ruest from the year 1934. It is also to be distinguished from the Emergency Association of German scientists abroad, in Zurich of the exiled neuropathologist Philipp Schwartz (1894-1977) was founded in April 1933 and about 2,000 Nazi scientists unpopular new jobs mediated abroad, including 300 academics alone in Turkey. The latter organization in 1935 moved to London, where he worked closely with the Academic Assistance Council.